Strategic brand communication & Marketing

We help brands figure out how they want to be perceived, from logo design all the way through to TV or billboard advertising. A big part of this is assisting in the development of communication and marketing strategy that includes well articulated and engaging messaging that is informative and easily digestible. Well curated communication platforms and messaging for any and all types of communication.

The key component is unique and clear expression of brand, company and offering. Let us help you share what you have to offer, help you define how you offer it and help you deliver that offering and experience in an insightful and impactful way.

Our Core Components

OLAMUK is comprised of a collective of individuals with diverse skills and experience in the world of advertising, communication and marketing.


We help businesses define their offering and impact. The world of business is not linear and OLAMUK will help you define the parametres of your brand, business and reach.


The foundation of our world. Without communication there’s NO business, brand, marketing or advertising.


We are happy to lend our knowledge, experience and expertise to your brand and business in order to define, grow and elevate the brand and business


In order to do what we do well, we have to interact extensively with the world and its diverse participants. This has led to customised online processes; relationships that foster one-on-one research sessions and a team with a social media fixation. If its out there we will tell you about it.

Customer experience (CE)

We are customers, we live and work with customers. Most importantly we are fascinated by the customer experience. What makes people buy or not buy a product or service? Where do they buy them? Why do they buy them? How cashable is your brand experience and perception?


A picture is worth a thousand words and it is vital that, that picture is relevant and resonates with the target audience. This is why OLAMUK will help you create a brand specific stock image bank. We have the photographers, hardware and software to ensure that you have images that are relevant to your brand , campaign, audience and platform; and that you have easy 24hour access to them.


We ensure that your brand resonates everywhere.

OUTDOOR: Its all in the detail. No matter how big or small the billboard, the message will land and resonate beautifully
TVC: We pride ourselves on telling a compelling story to position your brand, offering and sell your services and/or products
Social Media: We recognise and respect its wide reach and intimate delivery